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Books/Media - From the American Bible Society's founding in 1816, we have been focused on translation, publication and the distribution of Bibles to as many people as possible. Our mission today is to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford so all people may experience its life-changing message. American Bible Society, Bibles.com

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Betting/Gaming - AngelCoin.com : One of the most unique web sites of its kind, we've been up and running and gaining in popularity since May, 2001. What we offer here is what most people are looking for--love, money and happiness. They can get it all through the legendary "Angel Coin". This lucky coin works so well, we 100% GUARANTEE it will change your life for the better! The original "Angel Coin" was minted by Augustine Dupre, a nobleman who was commissioned by King Louis XVI in 1792 to design the new monetary currency for France. A firm believer in the power of guardian angels, Dupre incorporated this theme into his design using a mold of unknown material created by an alchemist known only as Lestat. Years later, when Dupre fell out of favor with the King and was condemned to death, legend has it that he was saved from the guillotine when the Coin he carried as a talisman reflected the sunlight in his jail cell so brilliantly one day that the guard on duty broke into tears at the sight, unlocked the cell door, and let Dupre make his escape. From that moment on, Dupre's creation became known as the "Angel Coin". He considered it a blessing for his life-long belief in angels.Angel Coin

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Home Decor - Rustic Country Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas||Decorating a small space? Create a window with landscape art==Art & Homecarries over 10,000 Home and Garden products, including unique home decor, gorgeous oil-on-canvas paintings, stunning tapestries, metal wall art, stained glass, decorative lamps, kitchen gadgets and much, much more. Accessorizing Your Home with Decorative Metal Art==Decorating a small space? Create a window with landscape art

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Computer SW - Powerful video and music downloader and converter. Works with YouTube, Grooveshark, Pandora and other popular ones. Automatically Convert to MP3 and 130+ formats and devices.Powerful video and music downloader and converter|| For The Holidays Download Shows and Movies From Netflix! Act Now Only At Applian.com For A Limited Time!

Safety - Maxi View Blind Spot Mirrors see blind spots that your factory mirror cannot see and cannot be adjusted to see. If you have a family with small children that you haul around daily, you will love Maxi View. The Maxi View mirror helps you keep your eyes on the road when you are by yourself or even when you have a car load of people. If you take your family on long road trips, you won't want to be without your Maxi View. This life saving product helps you change lanes with ease, so you don't have to worry about cutting someone off or worse, getting into an accident. Maxi View even helps you with backing up and parallel parking. Get your pair of Maxi View mirrors today and you will never want to drive without them again. Maxi View Mirrors sees the blind spots your factory mirror can't see.. and cannot be adjusted to see.

Consumer Electronics - A4C has become known nationwide as a go to ecommerce website when shopping online. Our loyal customers have come to know the name A4C as being synonymous with everyday low prices and an ever expanding range of Consumer Electronics, Cellular Accessories and general Home and Consumer Goods. Electronics MEGASALE at A4C - Up to 80% Off!

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Health - Swiss engineered with a smart oscillating engine and multiple attachments, the Eroscillator is clinically proven to be far more effective than ordinary vibrators, and to deliver more numerous, more powerful and longer lasting orgasms. Read more: http://www.eroscillator.com/node/26#ixzz4M82kVO48. It is clinically proven to be far more effective than ordinary vibrators, and to deliver more numerous, more powerful and longer lasting orgasms. icon

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